Bianca Vetter Foundation

Bianca Vetter Foundation

Our Team

We work voluntarily and gladly for a good cause: the Bianca Vetter Foundation!

Bianca Vetter

founding member and member of the board

For many years it has been Bianca´s heartfelt wish to support social Projects and get other people involved.

Rolf Külzer

founding member and member of the board

Rolf has long been inspired by the Bianca Vetter Foundation and the results it has achieved. With an eye for detail he is always there to give help and advice to all who seek it.

Gunther Strothe

executive officer of the foundation, M.A. Economics

As initiator of the foundation and as an economist by profession, Gunther looks after 100% of the administration and strengthens contacts internally as well as externally.

Dr Jens Neitzel

executive officer of the foundation, Attorney at Law

As a lawyer, Jens always knows what the right thing to do is. The co-pilot of the foundation, he always has the overview and knows what to do next.


Foundations/Charities and organisations we work with and that we support: