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India, Uttar Pradesh/ Charity Science Health (CSH)



India/ Vaccine SMS

Charity Science Health (CSH) CSH is an evidence-based charity founded by GiveWell which concentrates on saving and improving the most lives per dollar spent. After looking at over 300 different methods of intervention, they came to the conclusion that reminders about repeat vaccinations for children sent to mobile/cell phones provided the best chances to save as many lives as possible per dollar spent. Cell phone reminders about vaccinations have shown that the rate of vaccination rose from 4% to 17,5%. Sending a mother an SMS reminder costs a couple of cents, and the programme can be integrated into the already existing health systems and other NRO programmes. CSH works with the governments of Bihar and Maharasthra to consolidate the state´s ability to engage with new mothers and to integrate them into the vaccination reminder programme and their existing health system. CSH works with grass roots organisations throughout India to ensure that mothers in isolated and relatively poor communities receive the vaccination reminders.