Bianca Vetter Foundation

Bianca Vetter Foundation

Spain, Tenerife



Support for a Day Care Centre, a home for the aged and a hospice.

Fundacion Canaria Hospital de la Inmaculada in Teneriffe, Puerto de la Cruz. The sisters here have been providing humanitarian, social and medical assistance for over 111 years. The Sisterhood was founded in 1816, at a time when Spain was dealing with the aftermath of Colonialization, Cholera, Civil War and widespread poverty. At the time, the current Hospital de la Inmaculada was the only hospital in Puerto de la Cruz and surroundings that took care of the sick, poor, old, and disabled of all ages and orphans. Today the hospital functions as a care home for the aged and a hospice. In 1987 the sisters opened an additional hospital, the “Centro Educativo Matilde Tellez”. During the founding phase the Centro Educativo Matilde Tellez was a children´s home as well as a social centre for children in immediate need. Today it is a Day Care Centre for socially disadvantaged children, children with special care needs and children from problem families, where assistance with school work is provided, social projects are offered and meals after schoolare available to the children: an afternoon snack, one full meal and individual support where needed. Currently 14 children sent by the youth welfare office attend the centre for after school care. Furthermore the Centro Educativo Matilde Tellez provides pre-school care, i.e. nursery children. The daycare is provided from 08:00-16:30, and the team consists of 5 pre-school teachers, a cook, a team of cleaners, volunteers and the sisters. Since the start of the economic crisis in Spain in 2007 the Sisterhood “Congregacion Hijas de Maria Inmaculata Madre de la Iglesia” is dependant on donations and private financial contributions in order to continue to carry out their work in Puerto de la Cruz.