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COVID 19 crisis: TuaRes distributes food to feed 4000 people in Burkina Faso

As of today, there are 261 confirmed COVID-19 infected persons in Burkina Faso and 14 deaths, and the number of infected persons continues to rise rapidly. Schools have been closed since 16 March and the Burkinabe government has introduced further restrictions. To slow down the threat of the pandemic, markets and business premises have been officially closed and large gatherings banned. There is now a curfew, travel bans and the affected places have been quarantined. These measures represent a considerable burden for the majority of the population. The country's health system is weak. For the majority of people working in the informal sector, "social distancing" is almost impossible to implement. The crisis will affect the weakest in a dramatic way. They have no savings or any form of social security. Their daily livelihood depends on whether they can run their business or trade, and this in turn will expose them to greater health risks. As the crisis deepens, families will quickly run out of food supplies. Since the schools are closed, TuaRes cannot provide the girls with their daily school meals. We are currently distributing rice bags and soap to 700 families of TuaRes girls and expect to reach about 4000 people. We also carry out an information campaign supported by local personalities to spread information about health and safety. TuaRes is also promoting a fund for mothers as an additional source of funding. This enables them to buy vegetables every day. We are convinced that our support will be the right help and will have an enormous impact. We are very grateful to our team in Burkina Faso for coordinating this distribution. All staff will be provided with protective equipment and disinfectants to prevent them from becoming infected themselves during this mission. Our offices in Munich and Ouagadougou and our meeting rooms in the local schools will remain closed until further notice, but all staff will continue to work in the home office. We are in regular close contact via Skype.