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Myanmar, Primary School



Inauguration of primary school in Myanmar

At the 06.12.2019 the school was officially inaugurated and many guests were welcomed!


Myanmar, primary school

Thank you to Bianca Vetter Foundation


Space to learn!

Space to learn! The construction of the primary school is finished, the students are busy learning! Myanmar June 2019. Photo source: Dr. Michael and Angela Jacobi Foundation Source: Dr. med. Michael and Angela Jacobi Foundation


Construction of a primary school

Thanks to a generous donation made by the Bianca Vetter Foundation we can get started: construction on the primary school in Anisakan can begin. Building started in September 2018 and will take approximately 7 months. From 15 school children the number has grown to 235. Now over 100 pre-school and kindergarten children have started their first year, and soon there will be around 350 primary school children. An expansion of the school is planned for the future. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude! The photograph shows the ceremony of the laying of the cornerstone for the school in Anisakan, Myanmar on the 9th of September 2018. Photo source: Dr. Michael and Angela Jacobi Stiftung