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Nairobi/ Trade school

On July 6th 2019 the inauguration of the MC took place together with the graduation celebration for 83 students of the final year. The headmaster had borrowed 500 chairs, but still many people had to stand: students, teachers, parents, neighbours, representatives of other local schools, the Slum Children from our Child Support Programme together with our social workers, representatives from the Chamber of Commerce Nairobi, everyone involved in the building of the MC and many more. And everyone was thrilled with the new complex of buildings. Now the students can gather practical experience with customers and the school can generate its own income, enabling them to become partly financially independent. All this could only be achieved as a direct result of the purchase of the parcel of land!


Inauguration of a Trade school in Nairobi

We were able to facilitate the purchase of a piece of land for the charity Promotion Africa e.V in order to build a trade school in Nairobi, Africa. With dual training in a college and a company, young people from the slum areas in the region are given the opportunity to learn a trade and earn officially recognised qualifications.