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Bianca Vetter Foundation

Welcome to the Bianca Vetter Foundation.
We are a foundation working at home and abroad, wherever help is needed.
We support established organisations by funding their promising projects.
The Bianca Vetter Foundation was registered in 2017 and is a recognized charity.

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Doing good
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Bianca Vetter Foundation Stern

We foster

young people throughout the world in their education and personal growth.
Bianca Vetter Foundation Stern

We support

those who rely on help as a result of their physical, mental, emotional or social situations.
Bianca Vetter Foundation Stern

We essentially

help disadvantaged people at home and abroad.

The Bianca Vetter Foundation and what is important to us:


None of your money should be wasted, which is why we put great emphasis on the sustainable development of individual projects. We only commit to projects where success is guaranteed.


Stronger together. Under this motto we have developed and cultivated partnerships with charity organisations who work hard all over the world for socially disadvantaged people.
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100% means 100%
The full amount of your donation will go to the chosen projects. The board and executive officers work without remuneration. The founders have declared that they will take over any administration costs, as well as any other fees or costs that may arise.
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Some of our current projects:

Bianca Vetter Foundation Outward Bound

Educational camps at Outward Bound Germany

Defying your limitations through learning and adventures in the wild is often unaffordable for economically and socially disadvantaged children. We support and promote groups of these young people in a Youth Promotion Programme run by Outward Bound. Courses for the bereaved, people with disabilities, and German language courses for migrant children are also offered. The training takes place in Baad (Austria) and Schwangau (Germany).


Setting up a Livelihood Centre in Kurnool

Setting up a Livelihood Centre in Kurnool

Due to a lack of education, young people in Indian slums are often unable to find employment. On top of that, young girls get married off before their childhood is barely over. The Livelihood Programme aims to assist all participants in acquiring Life Skills, at the same time offering young girls equal learning opportunities in schooling and in interpersonal skills. The mentoring leads to employment. To this aim and for this purpose we provide finance for the new Centre of the Magic Bus India Foundation.

Setting up a Livelihood Centre in Kurnool


Construction of a Primary School in Anisakan

As a direct result of the almost finished building of the Primary School more children will be able to receive an education. Over 100 pre-school and Kindergarten children have already started their first year and there will soon be approximately 350 primary school children. There are already plans to expand the school in the future. To read more go to Blog.

more information in our Blog

Nairobi, Africa

Trade school in Nairobi

We were able to facilitate the purchase of a piece of land for the registered association and charity 'Promotion Africa' in order to build a trade school in Nairobi, Africa. With dual training in a college and a company, young people from the slum areas in the region are given the opportunity to learn a trade and earn officially recognized qualifications.

Trade school in Nairobi

Bianca Vetter Foundation EinDollarBrille e.V.


Millions of people need glasses, but can´t afford them. The charity OneDollarGlasses wants to change that! OneDollarGlasses is active in Ethiopia, Bolivia, Brasil, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico and as of 2017, in India. So-called “Rural Opticians” are trained as OneDollarGlasses opticians. The aim of the Pilot Project is to develop sustainable distribution channels in rural and isolated areas.

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