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Tioga, Charity to Support Sailing Sports

What does Tioga stand for:

On board the Tioga emotionally and physically disadvantaged people are given the opportunity to learn to sail within the framework of a tradional sailing team constellation. We promote the sport of sailing for children, young people and adults with reduced mobility, in an environment where they can interact with able-bodied participants to ensure that they can take part in this sport in a self-determind and barrierfree space. Socially disadvantaged children and young people are offered the chance to learn about the sport of sailing. The organisation promotes the interaction and social coexistance of the various groups, which in turn facilitates social integration. With the right tuition and guidance children and young people are able to participate in Regattas on the Tioga. By taking part in responsible and self-dependant group work, children and young people, able-bodied and those with reduced mobility are motivated to develope a more social way of interacting, to develope their personalities and characters, and learn how to get along in a democractic environment. The Foundation makes a point of providing for a barrier-free infrastructure in the harbour and on the landing stage to ensure access to the sport for people with reduced mobility.

Foundation to Promote Sailing

The Tioga is berthed in the Kressbronn Bodan harbour, she is a two-masted Ketch, built to the plans of the american Yacht designer Nathaneal Green Herreshoff. Herreshoff was the most successful yachtbuilder of the America´s Cup. Previously having been at home on the high seas, the boat was brought from Kiel to Lake Constance in 2018. The Foundation has announced in the media that they would like the 2-Master to become a permanent resident of the Bodan Shipyard. They also said that they will need a lot of volanteers and donations in order to make the necessary changes and renovations for the boat to fullfil its purpose. The Foundation is financed to 100% from donations.

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