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Charity Science Health (CSH)

A non-profit organisation founded by GiveWell Sends mothers in India via SMS reminders about when they need to vaccinate their children.


India/Vaccination text message

Charity Science Health(CSH) is an evidence based charity organisation founded by GiveWell which centres its efforts on saving as many lives as possible per dollar spent. After investigating and evaluating over 30 different methods of intervention they came to the conclusion that a reminder to vaccinate sent to a phone saves the most lives per dollar Mobile vaccination reminders have shown that the rate of vaccination has increased from 4% to 17,5%. It costs a few cents to send a text message and the program can easily be integrated into the current health care system and other NRO programs. CSH works with the government in Bihar and Maharasthra to improve the state´s abilities to automatically include new mothers into the system and to integrate vaccination reminders into their existing health systems . CSH works with grassroots organisations throughout India to enable mothers in rural and inaccessible areas of India to receive and act upon vaccination reminders.

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