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Construction of a trade school

We offer young people in the slums in and around Nairobi the opportunity to take part in a dual apprenticeship in the purpose-built tradeschool so that they can learn a trade and gain an official qualification.
The Bianca Vetter Foundation enabled the purchase of a piece of land in Nairobi Kenya on which to build the tradeschool.


Nairobi/ Mobility Centers

On July 6 2019 we celebrated the inauguration of the mobility centre together with the graduation of the 83 Students. The attendance at the event was so great that the school director borrowed 500 chairs and still several peole had to stand: pupils, teachers, parents, neighbours, representatives of schools in the area, the Slum-Kids of our Child Support Programs and our social workers, representatives of the Chambers of Trade Nairobi, all the workers who had been involved in the construction of the Mobility Centre and many many more. Everybody enthused over the complex of buildings. Now the students can gain practical experience in dealing with customers and the school itself can generate income so they can become financially more self-reliant. All this was achieved as a direct result of the purchase of the land for the school.


Purchase of a plot of land

We were able to assist in the purchase of a piece of land for the non-profit organisation Promotion Africa e.V. so that they could build a trade school in Nairobi, Kenya. Through the Dual Education in a college and a company young people from the slum regions have the chance to learn a trade and recieve a recognised qualification.

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