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Help for the refugees of war in Ukraine

We help people in need in their homeland. And if these people are taken away from their homeland, the hardship is immeasurable. That’s why we support organizations like Deutschland hilft, which are committed to helping refugees from Ukraine. As a sign for peace.

If you also want to support this, then donateto us and we will make sure that this donation reaches the right place, the people in need.

Furthermore, we also support the Hilfswerk Bodensee e.V. – This organization helps directly in Ukraine near the city of Lwiw with on-site assistance. They take care in a children’s home which is in very bad conditions, that the childrens are supported with clothes, medicine and other things for the daily life. The organization’s volunteers do a great job, which is also very gratefully received.

If you also want to donate, you can do so via the homepage of the Hilfswerk Bodensee e.V.. Donate – Hilfswerk Bodensee e.V. (

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