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Outdoor Education Programs at Outward Bound Germany

OUTWARD BOUND Germany inspires and developes character potental through challenges in the outdoors – which takes place in the spectacular nature reserves of Germany, Austria and Europe.

Experiential Education in groups if often unaffordable for socially and financially disadvantaged kids. The Bianca Vetter Foundation assists the participation of groups in the youth promotion programs of OUTWARD BOUND.. Courses are also available for the Bereaved, people with reduced mobility, and language courses for the children of migrants are also offered. The courses take place in Baad (Austria) and Schwangau (Germany).

OUTWARD BOUND has partnered with schools, companies, colleges, universities and social insitutions for more than 65 years and offers a versatile program of experiential education courses and outdoor training second to none. With this experience as a recognised provider of youth welfare services young people are aided in their personal development through their experiences in nature. The idividual and process orientated seminar concept, the use of sport activities in the outdoors, project work, and exciting challenges ensure that everything they learn will have a continuing effect in their daily life.

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